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Complacency is one of the highest risk attitudes and a major contributing factor toward accidents in our work as cargo pilots
Professional Pilots must always strive to be better. Always learning, studying and practicing. (example, every Commercial Pilot should always aim to fly to ATP Standards)
A Pilot MUST know and understand aircraft systems...
After a snowfall of an inch or more, a sunny clear day with 47 degrees will melt all the snow off the aircraft that was sitting outside.
Martinaire Pilots should use the TurboScan (or similar) app to send documents to Martinaire:
Automation such as Auto-pilots, GPS systems with moving maps and other electronic equipment can help the pilot manage workload and mitigate some of the risks on the flight.
Your new question!

You are flying a non-gps equipped aircraft to KGGG and planning on the VOR-A Approach into KGGG. You are approximately 30 miles from the VOR when you are cleared by ATC - "direct to the VOR, cleared VOR-A Approach Longview airport". 
After completing your usual approach set up and briefing, you notice the NAV flag is still down and you are not receiving DME. What is wrong?


Name these components: 1______, 2_____, 3______