Welcome to your KRiS 8

One inch is how many millimeters?
550 meters is how many feet?
75 kilograms is how many pounds?
175 centimeters is how many inches?
You are conducting a 350 nm flight at 8000 ft. with a 25 knot headwind. How long will the flight take and how much fuel is required?
You are over KSAT at 8000 feet with an outside temperature of -10 C and 750 pounds fuel when you are diverted to KMAF some 241 nm distant. What power setting is required at 1900 rpm to make the diverted flight to Midland with 45 minute fuel reserve?
On the PT6A-114A (675 shp), why is it not a good idea to apply maximum takeoff torque of 1865 ft-lbs during takeoff?
An auxilliary fuel boost pump and an ejector pump are both located in the fuel reservoir. Why are their two different styles of pump?
During shutdown, feathering the propeller and immediately cutting fuel is a very poor and dangerous habit. Why?
If, while in flight, the engine suddenly falls back to idle, what has happened?