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The President and CEO of Martinaire is
Cell Phones are considered PDA's under FAA regulations and its use aboard aircraft in flight is strictly prohibited.
Area navigation systems may be used if the aircraft's position can be 'reliably fixed' at least once each hour using airway navigation facilities to the degree of accuracy required for ATC.
Martinaire's lowest landing minimum is listed as:
Martinaire can perform precision RNAV approaches with
If an aircraft requires maintenance or servicing while away from home base, the PIC will contact
Martinaire's alcohol policy prohibits crew members from acting as PIC on any aircraft if alcohol has been consumed within
The maximum amount of dry ice allowed on Martinaire aircraft is ________ kgs, but Martinaire pilots must contact Martinaire if ______ kgs is realized, for instructions.
On inverter equipped aircraft, the pilot cannot move the aircraft until
On inverter equipped aircraft, the pilot cannot taxi the aircraft until
If the prop anti-ice ammeter is showing 18 amps during operation, the pilot must