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30 Miles from KABI (Abilene) at 6000ft being vectored for the approach, you receive the following weather conditions. Is it safe and legal to land?
Conditions: Known and forecast icing conditions from SFC – 5000. AIRMET For MOD ICING in the area.
Local area PIREP from a B90 20 minutes ago, Light Mixed icing at 4000 feet, (cloud tops 4500 ft) on departure from KABI.
METAR KABI 141203Z 02004KT 1/4SM R35R/P2200FT/U FZFG OVC002 M05/M05 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP176 FZRANO

Departing KDFW to KTYR in a 675shp C208 Caravan in February, clouds are overcast at 3000ft across East Texas and an AIRMET is issued for MODERATE ICE above 5000ft over your route of flight. An aircraft PIREP from a B737 recently departed KDAL headed eastbound reports trace icing at 5500ft through 6500ft on climb and sky clear above 7000Ft. Your aircraft Empty weight is 4784lbs Crew 220lbs Fuel 1100lbs. UPS walks up to you and asks how much freight can you carry today? You answer:

On an ILS Approach during icing season flying a stabilized approach at 120 knots and 10 degrees flap setting, and in IMC, upon reaching DA (200ft HAT) you see the runway and decide to continue with the landing. As you reduce the power you hear an audible warning and a "BELOW ICING MIN SPD" Annunciator is flashing amber. What do you do?
You are landing at an airport in Pennsylvania (KMDT) during the winter months, you have accumulated moderate mixed icing on the airframe and you are on final approach to land. What airspeed and flap setting should you use crossing the threshold at 50ft?
You are about to depart KAVP (Wilkes-barre/Scranton, PA) landing at KMDT (Harrisburg, PA) during the winter months and have a take-off weight of 8250lbs. Planned fuel burn is 250lbs. KMDT METAR 31003KT 1/2SM -SN OVC003 M04/M07 A2992. You are expecting light icing on approach into KMDT. What is your landing distance required at KMDT planning to use 10 degrees flap on final approach and landing?  - 675shp C208B (Round up to 2000ft PA and 0 degrees C to be conservative)

Decoding the following METAR - What type of precipitation is present and what time did it begin?
METAR KMKL 021250Z 33018KT 290V360 1/2SM R31/2600FT SN BLSN FG VV008 00/M03 A2991 RMK AO2 RAESNB42 SLPNO T00111032

Flying an FAR 135 Cargo flight, how much runway can Martinaire plan to use at a destination airport?
In the C208B Caravan, during flight, a RED Annunciator illuminates and you confirm the situation is not a false alarm. Remember your top priority is to Fly-the-plane! After following the appropriate Emergency Checklist items, Should you declare an Emergency to ATC?
UPS would like to move extra cargo to KPSN late at night. Weather across East Texas is marginal. You have determined that you need to file an alternate and you're looking at KTYR as an option. Your aircraft is equipped with a KLN89B GPS. KTYR tower is closed this late at night. Winds at both KPSN and KTYR are 040/15kts. What is the lowest applicable Weather Minimums to file KTYR as an Alternate?
You are flying a C208B aircraft equipped with a KLN89B GPS. Your destination has only RNAV Approaches available, and you have determined you need to file an Alternate. You find an airport nearby that also only has RNAV Approaches available. Can you file this nearby airport as an Alternate?
All Martinaire Pilots must check-in with Dispatch by phone call at least 60 mins prior to scheduled departure for both AM and PM Operations.

You are departing IFR from KRDU. Runway 23L is in use and expected for take-off. Aircraft are landing 23R. Both 23L and 23R are reporting conditions of RVR2000ft visibility. Can you legally and safely depart?