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The standard temperature lapse rate is 2 degrees C per 1000 feet. At what rate will unsaturated air flowing upslope cool down?
A pilot is flying the Caravan at an indicated airspeed of 150 knots. What bank angle constitutes a standard rate turn?
At DFW airport, temperature is reported at 30 C and the dew point is 22 C. Where is the cloud base?
The presence of ice pellets at the surface is evidence that:
Tailplane icing can be detected by a(n)
To recover from a tailplane stall
During recoveries from unusual attitudes, level flight is attained the instant
Under which condition is hydroplaning most likely to occur?
The lowest published altitude which meets obstacle clearance requirements and assures acceptable navigational signal coverage is the
You arrive at your destination airport on an IFR flight plan. Which is a prerequisite condition for the performance of a contact approach?
The Caravan is flying on a heading of 145 degrees. Both directional gyro's are inoperative. ATC commands a left turn to 100 degrees. How do you do it?