Welcome to your KRiS 10

If using 10 degrees of flaps for takeoff into a strong crosswind, which of the following are true?
The Mixing Air Valve push-pull control: (select all that apply)
When the engine is shut down, residual fuel in the engine drains into a can mounted on the front left side of the firewall. This can should be drained;
When performing the Overspeed Governor Test, which of the following would indicate proper operation?
Pulling the Firewall Fuel Shutoff Valve will:
When drained, the Oil Breather Drain Can has an allowable quantity of oil discharge of 11cc for aircraft without air conditioning. If a greater amount is drained, what should the pilot do?
You are departing runway 24 and the winds are 150/25KT. As PIC, which of the following actions should you take?
Altitude loss during stall recovery in the C208B with Power lever Idle and Fuel Condition lever High Idle, may be as much as;
With respect to loading of the Cargo Pods, the load carrying capacity is:
Pitot/ Static, stall warning and Propeller Anti-Icing Systems should not be operated for prolonged periods while on the ground.