Welcome to your AVIDYNE IFD 540 FMS

Route offsets cannot be used on:
To use 'rubber-band' mode to change a flight plan
The MAP directory contains
To invert a flight plan
To store a current flight plan
To delete a flight plan
To build a random hold,
To adjust the hold position,
The initial leg into a hold is
To exit a hold,
A holding pattern can be placed on any waypoint that is defined as a point in space.
All LPV approaches are precision approaches.
It is the responsibility of the Pilot-In-Command to determine if an LPV approach is precision or non-precision based on approach plate criteria.
IFD navigation modes and their corresponding CDI deflections are:
- (Enroute) 2.0 nm full scale CDI deflection;
- (Terminal) 1.0 nm full scale CDI deflection;
- (Approach) 0.3 nm full scale CDI deflection.
To select an approach at the destination airport,
The nav source state (GPS / VLOC) colors for active and standby respectively are:
Where is information for Communications, Approaches, and Weather found for an airport?
Where is air data, trip planners, RAIM, and trip statistics found?
You can use the CLR key to delete a procedure turn from an approach.
If you have more than one destination airport in your flight plan, pressing the PROC key will
When executing a procedure turn during a non-precision approach, the pilot-in-command should
If, while on a non-precision approach, the IFD does not switch from GPS to VLOC, the pilot must
To bypass a procedure turn on an approach, the pilot-in-command has to
To fly vectors to final on an ILS approach, the pilot has to
To fly a 'missed approach' on the IFD, the pilot
To quick-tune the emergency frequency 121.5
If the IFD determines that there is a stuck mike,
If a pilot descends below a glideslope on a precision approach or below a generated descent path on a non-precision approach when within 1-5 nm from a runway:
An Excessive Descent Rate (EDR) alert is triggered at:
Traffic displayed on the IFD is receiving its information from the LYNX transponder. It is still the responsibility of the PIC to see and avoid all traffic even though it is displayed on the IFD. Why?
A hold pattern leg has a field for the inbound course to the hold waypoint. The hold pattern turns left or right as specified in the hold pattern at the hold waypoint. If ATC issues a 'Hold east of <waypoint>, a hold course of _____ should be entered into the hold leg.
If flying a defined flight plan, the IFD will provide a message about an impending turn that includes the upcoming desired track and a _______ second countdown; _____ seconds for a turn greater than 120 degrees.
If a 'Gap in Route' is generated in a flight plan, the pilot must
A green arc will form ahead of the 'ownship' display indicating what?
To offset a routing, the pilot must
METARS for a given airport can be accessed
User waypoints can be created using present position, radial/radial intersections, lat/long, place/bearing/distance, and airfields.
How does the pilot intercept a radial from a waypoint?
All course reversals can be deleted from approaches.
The only way a procedure turn may be skipped is by: