Cessna CE-208B Super Cargomaster

The Ultimate Utility Aircraft for Heavy Lifting

The Cessna Super Cargomaster, a single engine high wing turboprop aircraft with fixed landing gear, is perfect for freight transport with its flat, spacious flooring and front-to-back cargo loading for heavy aerial lifting. This aircraft excels where others cannot, easily taking off and landing on short strips, in rough terrain, in all kinds of weather. The reliable Super Cargomaster ensures your freight is shipped on time in any situation.

Maximum Cargo Dimensions – Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster

Cargo Capacity: 3,400 lbs.
Volume: 452 ft.3
Length: 16 ft. 8 in. (200”)
Width: 64”
Height: 54”
Cargo Door: 49” W x 50” H